March 5, 2014

3 Sites somewhere in utah

To be continued

February 4, 2014

The High Desert

Imbue Design is very pleased with the progress on the Capitol Reef Residence.  The Corten panels are going up, the scent of cedar is on the saws, rough electrical is almost done and rough plumbing is in.  We owe Jim White of All Purpose Windows a courteous bow for his solid work, the windows look great and customer service was of the highest quality.  To make our pilgrimage even more pleasant, a former client in the area let us crash at her place for the night.  Enjoy the photos, all captured with our new camera..

Main Residence from garage rooftop deck

Main Residence with Juniper and Ponderosa

Guest House

Guest House - Corten Corrugated Panels

Buddhist Bell

Rise with the sun

The all seeing eyes of Buddha

August 7, 2013

Capitol Reef Project

 A Day of Observation, Moosman Construction making it happen on a pleasantly overcast day.  Footings are in - stem walls are up - slabs are being poured.  Thanks to David Moosman and our diligent clients the project is going down smoother than a 50 year old scotch.

North West View

Working Mans Trailer

Residence Footprint

Life in the Desert

Dining Room

They don't make them like they used to

Navajo Sandstone

Garage Approach


May 14, 2013

Photo Shoot Weekend

It was a fast an furious weekend of photography as we shot two of our latest project completions.  Enjoy a few of the pictures from our Federal Heights area, whole home remodel.  The Thorn Residence will follow shortly.  For more images visit our Facebook Page.  Cheers!

Two Story Living Room

Living Room from Above

Dueling Islands in the Kitchen
Kitchen Side Board

Dining Room

Master Bathroom

Master Tub + Shower

Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Concrete Stairs

March 18, 2013

Interior Project : Kristianna Circle

A well refined, minimal design recently comes to fruition for the owners of this gorgeous house in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Salt Lake City. With help from some of our local friends [cityhome collective, sausage, teerlink, thomas design, modern union], phase one of this two part adventure comes to a conclusion for Imbue Design. Preliminary documentation below provides a glimpse into the remodeled space.

Dueling Couches
Dueling Islands
Dining Room
Eames and Edison
Master Vanity
Master Closet
Epoxy Landing
Floating Sideboard

March 14, 2013

Certificate of Occupancy Granted

With the Thorn residence complete we're ready to finish the job with our standard glossy photoshoot.  We'd have done it on our latest trip, only we forgot to pack our fancy Nikon D200 and whole lot of landscaping.  For now a bunch of dirt and our Sanyo will have to suffice.  Enjoy!

Just imagine some really great landscaping in place of the dirt... and the dirtbag
Modern American Gothic
Really tall space, little tiny girl
Basement light-well
No Photoshop color augmentation needed

Inspired art, inspired space

Green + Yellow = Grellow

February 15, 2013

Sundance Residence

Nestled 5' off the banks of the provo river (north fork) lies a schematic design of awesome proportions.  Non-conforming structure equates to non-comforming design. Can't wait to see this one develop.

Capitol Reef Residence

Excitement reins high among the Imbue partners.. We have recently presented proposals on a new desert project near the remote Capitol Reef National Park.  The clients are fantastic, the lot inspiring and the contractor delectably seasoned.  The 40 Acre lot is adorned with ephemeral creeks, sandstone monoliths, old growth ponderosa and no neighbors in sight.